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Things like gas and groceries are essentials, and it can be hard scrounging enough to cover the basics. Still, it's nice to take the family out on the town for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. 
As a former librarian, I am always reading and researching books to help with my picky eaters in getting them to eat veggies and have a healthy relationship with food.
Going out to dinner as a family can either be a huge break or a huge deal. We want your family to have the BEST experience and enjoy your meal out with the kids!
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Nothing says Mother's Day like your classic brunch. Or, spend it doing something out of the ordinary. Either way, mom doesn't have to clean up!
Going to a brewery is more than a tasty treat -- it's an opportunity for parents to stop and savor the moment. 
There is a formula to making a meal-replacement smoothie that will save you from the recipe hunt. Every smoothie can be made with five to six ingredients while being healthy, delicious, and satisfy your hunger.

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