Kiddos playing, skating, biking, running around with friends, and swimming all day means some hungry bellies will be yelling “Mom! There’s nothing to eat!” One of the most dreaded hurdles of summer time is feeding your growing, active crew. As much as we all love the drive thru, even that gets old after the third or fourth trip.
There is a formula to making a meal-replacement smoothie that will save you from the recipe hunt. Every smoothie can be made with five to six ingredients while being healthy, delicious, and satisfy your hunger.


I'm not good at this stay at home mom thing. What I mean is, I'm not good at the stay at home part. Even on days we have no plans, I find myself going a bit stir-crazy if I...
Coffee is the faithful friend who reminds us of our elders who cared for us, reminds us of our teenage study sessions and first outings, and now reminds us to put the clothes in the dryer.
Every morning, my kids see me grabbing one of my favorite mugs and filling it to the brim with coffee . . . hot, full of caffeine, and delicious. I have forever been in love with that feeling of...
Fort Worth has several great tea shops.

Tea Time, Anyone?

Whether you're at home or out on the town, a warm cup of tea is great at any time of the year. Be creative. Order your own special blend. Make it an enjoyable time with family and friends.
What makes a restaurant kid-friendly? We considered several aspects: diaper-changing stations, clean restrooms, friendly staff, several options on the kids' menu, activities for kids (beyond crayons and paper), a fun atmosphere, and/or a welcoming environment. While not all restaurants included in this list check each and every one of the kid-friendly boxes, they do offer a kid-friendly experience that is above par, meeting at least three of the standards listed above.

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