Emily G

Emily G
Emily is married to Brad and mother of the handsome Jack and precious Annabelle. After more than a decade as a software engineer (two of those as a working mother), she cleaned out her cubicle and can be found most days at one of the beautiful parks Cowtown has to offer, without a WiFi hotspot in range. These days, Emily spends her time exploring our fair city with her babes in tow, volunteering at her church, cheering on the Fightin' Texas Aggies, and shopping her way through DFW at large. You'll find her journaling her daily life at Being Mrs. Gentry.

Life's Too Short to Hate Your Workout

We live in Cowtown, and everyone, everywhere is buzzing about THE Cowtown.  You know, the marathon that happened yesterday?  I have some awesome friends that trained for the half or the full, and I...

New Date Night Dining Around the Fort

I feel like everywhere I look these days, someone is either posting on social media or talking about some new "it" restaurant in town for fast casual dining.  If you're looking for a good...

When You Need Something, ANYTHING to Read

I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm. My earliest memories of school were zipping through all the reading primers my teacher had and her marching me down to the library to pick out...

The Big Whoop About Whooping Cough

First of all, let me go ahead and tell you that I am NOT a medical doctor. I'm just a concerned mom who had to carry her kid in for a whooping cough test...

Bringing the Small Town to the City

At the risk of sounding like a John Mellencamp song, I was born in a small town. My husband was too. We're small town kids living in the big city as adults and raising...

In Search Of The Best First Baby Doll

This is our first Christmas with a little girl in our house, and the little girl in me won't let it pass by without buying a baby doll.  I've hit the streets as well...

Supper at the Table

One supper at a time, I'm combating today's drive-thru rush! rush! rush! culture in my own little family. Growing up, we ate supper around the kitchen table nearly every night of the week. We were...