Jennifer and her hubby, Michael agree that Fort Worth is the best place to have a family. For the past two decades Jennifer has been writing about her loves — music, food and Fort Worth — for local newspapers, magazines, websites and weeklies. This is her first opportunity to write about a new love, her son Will, and the influence his arrival has made on her view of the world … especially Fort Worth. Keeping him in mind, she has unlocked little treasures and adventures she didn’t know existed in this town and continues to discover great gems to share with her little one. She lives in the Cultural District with Michael, Will and her favorite girl — her lab, Tatum.

Restaurant Week: Eat Well, Help Others

It’s Restaurant Week. For locals, that’s a dinner bell that we look forward to all year long. To those new to the area, let me give you the run down. DFW Restaurant Week, starting...

Swim Safe

August. The summer begins winding down. Kids and their parents start looking toward the first of the school year . . . and the end of long days spent by the pool and the lake and...

Clear Mind, Better Mama: How I Hope Meditating Will Help Guide Me Through Motherhood

The long and the short of it is that it took me more than three years to get pregnant. Being the eternal optimist, bright-side seeker that I am, I reasoned that it allowed me the...

Family Music Night: Eat, Play, Listen

The Woodshed was the first place my 18-month-old witnessed live music. They sat us inside for my husband's birthday dinner (because it was February!) and my son, Will, was done before we even ordered...

Growing Good Stewards

When I give my preschooler something to throw away, he's happy to help. As he walks away from me, I can see him look down to see what he's got in his hand, and...