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Favorite Things
A lot of brands make their way to our inbox, across our desks, and into our hands here at Fort Worth Moms (FWM). We are always on the hunt for products and services that make mom-life easier or champion the role of motherhood. It’s fair to say that some we love, some are “eh,” and some are “no, thank you.” However, we do have our FAVORITES, which we rave about amongst the staff on a regular basis.
So, here you have it: Our real-deal, truth-be-told, for-sure favorites from 2020. These brands listed below have absolutely not sponsored this article. This collection of brands is as organic as can be. These are our honest favorites we now use in our homes, for our families, and share with our friends (like YOU).
For the 2020 version of Favorite Things, we’ve curated the products and services that helped us survive — and even thrive on good days — during you-know-what. (We just couldn’t bring ourselves to type “pandemic” one more time.) 
Oh, and did we mention that we are over-the-moon thrilled to host a GIVEAWAY featuring many of these brands????
One FWM reader will win this entire prize package!!! The entry form is at the end of this post, complete with all the details and deadlines. Important to note: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PICK-UP THE PRIZE PACKAGE. Y’all we can’t mail 30-pounds of Legos.
Here is what is included in the 2020 Favorite Things giveaway:

Without further ado, here is the FWM’s top 12 favorite brands and products for 2020 . . . . 

Abi Be Made

Abi Be Made makes beautiful clay earrings.

To say Abi Be Made is a favorite of our team is a vast understatement. Practically every Zoom meeting someone is wearing a pair. This is not a lie. We are such huge fans because her earrings are so unique, stylish, and lightweaight. Want to wear big statement earrings but don’t want to feel like your lobe is holding up 20 pounds? You MUST try these earrings. She has options in all sizes and colors. We hope Santa fills our stocking with these.

Black Coffee


Y’all the coffee is good at Black Coffee. We’re not sure what else matters (wink, wink), but this eastside spot has a lot going for it. Sure, you feel 20 times cooler thanks to the ambiance, but you will swoon over the coffee and non-coffee options. Try the cafe mocha; you’re welcome. Also, the merch is fab. From sweatshirts to mugs to coffee beans, support Black Coffee and snag some great local fare for your gift list.

Bluebonnet Bakery

Bluebonnet Bakery makes delicious sandwiches and baked cookies and goods.

Bluebonnet Bakery is a faithful Fort Worth friend — and we’d like it to stay that way. In a year when too many familiar places closed their doors, we are thankful Bleubonnet is weathering the storm. Not only is its bakery case offerings varied and yummy, but it also offers custom cake options for every budget . . . and every cake idea a preschooler could imagine. You can also grab lunch-to go (hello, chicken salad). Make Bluebonnet a spot you frequent this holiday season!

Division Brewing

Division Brewing in Fort Worth offers a variety of tasty beers.

Division Brewing is Arlington’s first locally owned and operated brewery. It produces something for everyone: light and blonde ales as well as dark porters and stouts. Why is it on this list? Uh, because it’s an awesome local brewing company, and we need to skip the champagne this year and say “cheers” instead with a pint. Who is with us? Division Brewing is the perfect gift idea for the beer enthusiast in your life.

Jane Dottie Vintage Goods

Jane Dottie Vintage Goods has one-of-a-kind gifts.

Holy swoon. Y’all just spend a few mintues on Jane Dottie’s website. From vintage clothes and headbands to scarves and scrunchies and more, you will for sure SWOON. With items at all price points, it’s a great one-stop shop for unique and meaningful gifts for the gals in your life. Seriously, send us something. 😉

Little Whimsy & Co

Little Whimsy and Co offers sensory boxes for little kids.

Little Whimsy & Co has the perfect sensory boxes for the littles. (Heck, even the bigs might like it.) These themed sensory boxes come with dough and accessories. It’s the perfect gift to make up for all that tech time.

Pep Talk

Find Pep Talk sparkling water at HEB.

While this one isn’t a Texas-based business, HEB is on board with the brand, so that gives us the green light. I mean if HEB loves it . . . . May we introduce the best tasting caffeinated sparkling water to you? Yes, caffeinated. We discovered this during the pandemic. It boasts the same amount of caffeine as a diet soda, but has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero sodium. Fair warning: It’s pricey. The best deal we can find is to sample the offerings in the Pep Talk variety pack available on Amazon.

Rogue Brick Builders' Lounge

Rogue Brick Builders Lounge

Rogue Brick Builders’ Lounge saved us during the lockdown days. With online ordering, curbside pickup, and even delivery, adding new Legos to the mix not only helped our kids pass the time tech free, but it also allowed us a safe way to support a local business. As the restrictions eased, Rogue Brick continued to offer safe options for shopping and in-store play — even birthday party options. From used options to literally pounds of bricks for purchase to mini figures and new sets, Rogue Brick can mark so much off your holiday shopping list.

Rumsey Creek Clothing Company

Rumsey Creek Clothing Company has clothes for the whole family.

Rumsey Creek Clothing Company is the PERFECT, and we mean perfect, gift for the outdoor loving fellas in your life. This woman-owned business started because she couldn’t find comfortable and practical options for her family. These shirts — in both men and boys sizes — are sun protective, breathable, and moisture wicking (and they look great). From the ranch to the deer stand or to dinner or the tailgate, these shirts are Texas ready.

Stebina Crafts

Stebina Crafts provides darling arts and crafts for kids.

It’s chalk you can paint, so it’s a craft that keeps on giving. These craft kits are great outdoor options. First, let your kiddos paint the chalk with the quality acrylic provided, and then they can use their creations on the driveway, deck, sidewalk, etc. Stebina offers holiday themes all year as well as non-holiday specific options. Prices start at $3.00, so this is an affordable and fun option for the holiday list.

Tot to Teen Kids

Find clothing, accessories, and shoes at Tots to Teens in Fort Worth.

While we adore Tot to Teen Kids for kids shoes, we’ve been so impressed with the pandemic-approved accessories it added to its lineup in 2020. Looking for kid-friendly masks and lanyards? Tot to Teen has you covered. These fun styles — along with all sorts of fun goodies — are perfect stocking stuffers.

Yardy Party Fort Worth

Yardy Party makes celebrations fun during a pandemic.

Businesses like Yardy Party Fort Worth SAVED celebrations in 2020, especially birthdays. Owned by local moms, these women know just what you need to make a yard celebration easy — competitive prices, package options, and set-up and take down that doesn’t involve you. It’s like a fairy appears to take care of everything. It’s a simple gesture, but a great way to make a big impact for celebratory days.

Enter to Win!

Please remember: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PICK UP THE PRIZE PACKAGE. WE WILL NOT MAIL IT. You may enter as many times as you like between November 23, 2020 – December 7, 2020. Fort Worth Moms will select a winner on December 8, 2020 and contact that winner via the email provided. BE SURE YOU ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY. And good luck!

2020 Fort Worth Moms Favorite Things Prize Package Giveaway


  1. Oooo…Lego. And from Rogue Brick! Rogue Brick is one of my favorite places. They’re a neat shop, a fun build space and their staff is amazingly awesome.

  2. Love finding out about new, great products and learning about places to check out. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m also excited to start checking out the momfessions podcast episodes on my drive to work.

  3. What a great post! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with these awesome FW small businesses. I love this post in time for Christmas!

  4. Love Abi.B.Made earrings, and my husband (who is a kid at heart) is drooling over the LEGOS . . . for the kids, of course. 😉

  5. Oh my goodness!! 30lbs of LEGO?? This would be the gift of the decade for our family. What awesome businesses you combined for this gift away!!


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