Ashley is from Hurst, and though she’s flown the nest a few times now, she always seems to boomerang right back to her hometown. Her latest stint took her family to Chicago for the last four years. While Ashley, her husband of almost 16 years, her son and daughter loved life as honorary Midwesterners, Texas called, and it was time to answer. Though her children are in upper elementary school, Ashley found her groove as a stay-at-home mom and is not eager to give up the title quite yet. You can find her putting in the miles all over town with her “doggy clients” as a Rover walker and caregiver. (Dogs talk back less than children.) Ashley is often the loudest mom at the ball fields but comes in peace with the best snacks. She recharges with a run around Hurst, a ride on that stationary bike everyone’s talking about, or on a patio with a margarita and her very funny husband. Ashley has written for local mom groups and church and is a returning writer for Fort Worth Moms. Her husband hopes she will stick to more pieces on motherhood and less on disappointing stays at grimy motels.
woman with steam in ears

I Am Mother. Hear Me Roar!

I boldly declare that I am a yelling mom and have made my peace with it. I am here to welcome, with open arms, those of you who are audibly-gifted and parent your children as such.
house and yard with wildflowers

If These Walls Could Talk: In Celebration of a Home

How many hours did I spend pushing my own babies in the late afternoon sun as we waited for him to come home from work? Now those same late afternoons are taken up by homework and practices. I blinked and life has changed. I breathe in deeply and prepare myself to go back inside and tidy up. There is always plenty to keep me busy. Then again, maybe I'll spend just a little more time out here and reflect. I smile. There's life in that house.
girl injury stretcher

In Case of Emergency: How to Prepare for Your Child’s Big Injury

While absolutely terrifying to think about, you can prepare yourself and go into an accident with some knowledge that will make the process go a little more smoothly. Be it stitches, a broken bone, or a knock to the head, follow these four tips to help ease your mom-heart during a time of crisis.

When Moms Attack: The (Questionable) Science Behind Why We Snap

Moms are a tough breed, but our brains begin to tweak just a bit when we encounter a little too much of any one aforementioned item. Finally, an outside irritant, typically an unsuspecting person, pulls the pin from our grenade. Kerosene is thrown on the fire. The bull is freed from the pen. The victim has taken as much as she can possibly handle, and she lashes out. MGB varies from mom to mom, as all women are gloriously different. Some merely cry; some scream profanities in their car; all reactions are relatively terrifying for those in close proximity to the victim.
control key toy

Balance vs. Control: It’s Tricky!

My child did NOT throw up at Chick-Fil-A today. I took a real shower with water and soap and everything. I finished a movie WITHOUT falling asleep. These are the small victories I have...

Sorry, Not Sorry: You Can’t Make Me Miss the Baby Years

I was five months pregnant, had locked myself in the bathroom, and was sobbing uncontrollably. My husband was beginning to understand the crazy nature of his pregnant wife and knew better than to come...
motel sign

Motel? More Like NO-tel: Five Hacks for Surviving a Gross Motel Room

Congratulations! You have just booked a trip with your family! Your little brood is off on an adventure and ready to see the world! Whether you plan to take to the skies as your...