Born in El Paso, Texas, Bianca moved to Mansfield in 1994. Now, she resides in the North Arlington area with her son, Dorian. She graduated from the University of North Texas in 2016 with her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. She hopes to return to school and get a graduate degree in public administration. Her dream job is to run a local non-profit or start her own. Currently, Bianca is invested in women’s issues concerning mother’s rights in the workplace as well as reproductive justice and maternal mortality. Bianca is part of the LGBTQ community and uses the intersection of race, class, and gender in her writing. She loves trying out new restaurants and taking mini trips to Austin. Some of her favorite things include cider beer, rap and indie music, ULTA shopping sprees, SXSW, and reading more than one book at a time.

Monologues of Madness :: Part 2 — A Tale from the Psych Ward

As much as I wanted to love my son, my blind rage and fury at things not having gone my way boiled over onto him. Of course I knew it wasn't his fault, and he didn't ask for any of this. My anger was misguided. I was truly mad at myself for not being more careful, for not following through on the plan I had for myself. I didn't want to hurt him. I both loved and hated him at the same time. 
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Monologues of Madness :: Part 1 — The Events Leading Up to My Psychiatric...

After everything was said and done, it was my job to be checked into a mental health hospital right away. I left there concerned about the next day and what it would bring. After a short conversation with my mother, I realized this was the right thing to do. It was time for me to get well. Years of unchecked mental health issues led me to this very moment, and I had to take the chance.
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When Birthing Plans Fail

When I had to get out of the tub, I was given a choice: to have my amniotic sac artificially ruptured, or to continue on dilated at seven and a half centimeters. I didn't know what to do. My birthing plan was known to all in the room. This was not a part of the plan.
Mom and Baby

Yes, I’m a Millennial Parent. No, I Won’t Raise a Snowflake

Yeah, we take advice from our Facebook mommy groups rather than from the pediatrician. We keep our babies in the same room with us until they’re a year old because that’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics says is best. It’s not that we actively try to go against traditional parenting beliefs, but the new territory of our digital age and a scope of social issues have shaped our perspective.
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Texas’ Maternal Mortality Rate: A Glimpse into the Unknown Phenomenon

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon an article that said Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. I was stunned. If we place so much emphasis on welcoming a new life to the world, why are we not outraged at what's happening to our mothers? It turned me back to my question. If I didn't know this was happening in my own state, I wanted to let others know too.