Christina grew up in Tucson and Kansas City but now considers Texas her forever home. She has three boys under the age of six. She lives in Westlake with her husband and her three sons whose behavior more closely resembles feral animals than actual human children. She works out a lot but hates every single second of it. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and traveling. The truth is, she spends the vast majority of her time just keeping these people alive and putting out fires (actual and metaphorical). But mostly, she’s just trying to mitigate the damage to her sanity. If you find her misery and misadventures in parenting amusing, you can follow along on her blog.
three tacos on a plate

The Almighty Taco

There’s a taco for everyone. Vegetarian? Kale tacos! Trying to watch your weight? Grilled fish tacos! Trying to make your taco as delicious as humanly possible? Smother it with queso and guacamole! Yes and yes! Who would have ever thought to combine the two best things in life together into one taco? A genius, that’s who.
woman sleeping pillow, sleep mask

Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Me I Would Never Sleep Again After Having Kids?

Here I am with three children who are well past the baby phase, and yet I have not gotten a single night of good night of rest in the last six years. (Insert loud sobs.)

Relishing Motherhood While Simultaneously Trying to Survive It

These kids need me so much right now that I'm stretched so thin that I feel like I don't have enough to give sometimes. Still, I know in 10 years, heck even two years, I am going to miss these days and I should be relishing these moments.
box of kids toys

Toy Overload! An Alternative to Keeping All the Gifts

Once we whittled the pile down to a sensible amount, the kids accompanied me to a women’s shelter to deliver the excess toys. We toured the facility, and the boys got their first glimpse of what life looks like for some. I used it as a teaching moment about how lucky we are, and how we have an obligation to give back to people who are not as fortunate.
Books and Blocks

Honoring Your Child’s Teacher

I encourage you to really evaluate your appreciation for your child’s teachers and appropriately express your gratitude. This can come in many forms. You might go to the school principal and articulate your positive experience with that teacher. Or you could buy flowers or a gift card or, perhaps, write a heartfelt note. Whatever it is, I am sure that teacher will be grateful for your acknowledgement.