Emily D

Emily D
An east coast native, Emily met and married her husband Tom in college (let's go, Hokies!) in 2013. Three years and seven address later, they finally landed in Fort Worth in 2016. Together, they have two littles, two cats, and a 90-lb dog who thinks he's a cat. When she's not sprinting after or throwing snacks at her kids, Emily freelances as a graphic designer, and helps lead a local preschool playgroup for refugee women and children. In her two minutes of free time, Emily D loves to travel, hike, and camp - all with an iced coffee in hand.
Mom and Baby laying in Bed

I Survived Tiger Parenting {An Ode to What I Learned}

I lived in constant fear of failing and disappointing. My worth was calculated by my ability to be better than everyone else in everything I did. If I wasn't the best, I was punished simply for not being good enough. But I survived tiger parenting.
Doctor Writing Notes

Genetic Testing & BRCA1/2 Screening :: Knowledge Is Power

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are the two most important and widely known genes for breast and ovarian cancer. When functioning properly, these genes actually produce tumor suppressor proteins that help repair damaged DNA. However, if mutated, this function is lost, resulting in an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
Woman with Two Kids

Five Ways to Survive Your Baby’s Separation Anxiety as an Introvert

As we staggered out of the hazy newborn stage, my daughter still wanted me and only me all the day long. Nobody else could hold her, comfort her, talk to her, look at her, breathe near her. Not even my husband could smile at her, lest she immediately burst into heart-wrenching sobs and scream with the vigor of a thousand banshees.

The Art of Noticing

When was the last time you stored a tiny, but important, detail, filed away for a rainy day? Not that random Jeopardy! fact you pull out for the win at game night, but something...
Childen Walking in Trees

There’s Just Something About Him and Open Spaces :: Letting My Toddler Run

It is my role to steward his character well and -- while I'm still working on the whole running-after-a-toddler-with-a-baby-strapped-to-my-chest-and teaching-him-to-stop-when-I-say-so thing -- I hope he never loses his curiosity for open spaces and adventure.
Woman Setting Table

Six Ways to Pass Down Your Family’s Food Heritage

Food is often celebrated as the most universal way of appreciating those in our lives. It is a love story unique to you and your family, whether it's recipes passed down through generations or memories of preparing favorite foods or sharing a meal with loved ones. By participating in culinary traditions, you open a window into the very blueprint of your family.
Woman Exercising

The Postpartum Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Gym

I've spent the past three years either belly-first in the cankles and all-day sickness of pregnancy or clawing my way through the sleep-deprived shroud of postpartum land. I could not be less motivated to exercise, unless you count calf raises while shushing my son through the night or lunges to keep him from cramming cat kibble in his mouth.