Emily Y

Emily Y
Emily Y first became involved with Fort Worth Moms Blog when it began in the Spring of 2013 as a contributing writer. She became the managing editor in the Spring of 2014. Twelve months later, in 2015, she became the sole owner of the blog. Emily became a mom in 2011 when she and husband welcomed home sweet Anna Zane, and then added Louisa to the family in November 2014. Since then, life is full and fun! In addition to wife and mom and business owner, Emily works on freelance projects as a writer/editor, wielding her red pen for grammatical justice everywhere. In 2014, she co-authored and released Legendary Locals of Fort Worth. She has also written a Bible study, Grace in the Empty Spaces. She also enjoys gardening, yard sales, and drinking caffeine during the wee one's nap time. Follow Another Youree Day where she documents the joys and jests of life as a working mama.
Parents make different schoolin chioces for their kids for the 2020 school year

What Moms Decided About the 2020 – 2021 School Year

I contacted the moms interviewed for the May piece to find out what decisions they made for fall schooling. Did their questions get answered? Did their ideas and choices evolve over the summer?
Why didn't we test our kids after they were exposed to coronavirus?

Why We Didn’t Test Our Kids After a COVID Exposure

Why didn’t we test our girls after they were exposed to coronavirus? That’s a question I’ve fielded a time or two this month.
What to do if you or your child is exposed to coronavirus

What to Do If You or Your Child Is Exposed to Coronavirus :: Q...

Stay home for 14 days after the last exposure and maintain social distance (at least six feet) from others at all times. Yes, this means no working outside of the home, no leaving your home, and no people, who are not part of your household, entering the home.
Should moms send their children to school for the 2020-2021 year

What Moms Think About the 2020-2021 School Year

My biggest dislike about the current situation is the sudden, massive increase in technology use. I think for the ages of my children, technology is not the best approach for learning. And, the lack of hands-on experiences are frustrating the kids. Basically, it’s okay for school maintenance, but would 100% not work for the long term.
Doctor Writing Notes

Married to Medicine During a Pandemic

As his partner looking on, I've noticed more emotional and mental fatigue with, of course, the physical fatigue piling up. There's something impactful about double gloving and gowning up and double masks and PAPRs and face shields and treating patients with only support measures . . . day after day.
Moms don't have to be enough for their kids.

Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Be Enough for Your Kids

I don't know when or where the notion appeared in modern motherhood that mothers were to be the end all be all for our kids, but that notion is killing our moms' hearts and minds.
Friends Embrace

This Is Why We Talk About Fertility Issues

Fertility issues are very present and will continue to be -- but the issues are not without hope and, yes, even healing.