Michelle is a native of New York City. Before Fort Worth, she lived in Philadelphia - where she attended Temple University (go, Owls!) - and then in Chicago. Michelle is married to Carree, a retired Army veteran, who also works with FEMA providing disaster relief assistance. They are parents to rambunctious boys: Carree II (2012), Camden (2013), and Carter (2014). Prior to working as a special education teacher, Michelle worked in project management where she used the M.S. degree she earned from Northeastern University in Boston. Her days are now spent patching up holes in walls while avoiding stepping on cars/dinosaurs, and couponing for the weekly Wednesday circular.
C-Section scar

How a C-Section Can (Unexpectedly) Affect You

In a follow-up appointment after my third C-section, my OB/GYN asked how I was doing. I gave the generic answer that I was healing well. She remembered my reaction from that first talk about this pregnancy. She gently told me that I was no less of a mom, that my scar was the first of many sacrifices of motherhood.
Broken heart

When Husband Is Jealous (of the Kids)

When you think about it, it makes sense. We fully commit to our children. So much of our energies are given to them -- barely having time for ourselves. Where is time for our spouses? I know my husband has to work. He knows I have to take care of the boys. We pretty much both keep our mouths shut. Now, how do we stop and fix this?
cleaning, mopping, kitchen

Favorite Mom Hacks

I'm overwhelmed! You're overwhelmed! We are all overwhelmed! Yup, that is pretty much the mom life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a mom who works, life with littles can definitely feel overwhelming at times. Over the years, I have developed some mom hacks to help me survive to mom another day!
Friends Embracing and laughing

Finding Mommy Friends {The Struggle Is Real, but Not Impossible}

Momming today can be so challenging. Wouldn't it be nice to have a chat over a glass of wine (or pitcher of sangria), laugh, hear the words "girl, me too," and realize you are FOR REAL not alone.
woman smiling by car horizontal

Why I Jumped on the Minivan Bandwagon

There is something said to being able to go out and just be Michelle, without every conversation being about raising children. Maybe in my mind, holding on to my sedan was a way to hold on to that. It wasn't about a car; it was about my identity. 

Moving Past the Down Syndrome Diagnosis

The moments we have with our son now can sometimes still be rough (after all, he is a four-year-old middle child), but they are not nearly as rough as they were. My thoughts are not always about Down syndrome, and that too is okay. It was okay to grieve; it is still okay to worry. Even more, it is okay to not be consumed and to let my child just be a child.