No matter the hue of your skin or the texture of you hair, these are conversations we need to have with each other -- mother to mother. Those discussions can foster ideas that will impact our parenting, and that parenting will impact the future our children inherit.
With lines like "you can trust yourself around food," and disecting the shame cycle that sometimes surrounds dieting, this is an important, practical, and helpful listen for any woman -- mom or not.
Do you remember where you were standing when the thought occurred to you: Moms are responsible for the magic of the holidays? Beth and Emily discuss that and more -- traditions, what their mamas did, and how they pull off Christmas each year -- in this episode of Momfessions. Happy holidays! Mamas, you've got this.
We're not talking about breastfeeding versus bottle, or when or where your baby sleeps. No, we are talking about what we wish we knew during those newborn days to help us survive -- and maybe even have moments of thriving.
Y'all. This is a good one to listen to over and over. For most of our adult lives the concept of hospilatliy stumped and scared us. Katherine Sasser, a hospitality guru, explains, sets us straight, and quite frankly, encourages us.
Beth and Emily chat about Emily's adoption journey in this behind-the-scenes Q & A. The pair discusses everything from the why and the how to the hard and happy.
Sneak treats when no one is looking? Lie a little about when Chick-fil-a is actually open? Don't enjoy playing pretend with your kids? Hear this and all our other confessions in episode 10, "Momfessions Confessions." Several listeners joined in on this one to share their sneaky moments too. All in solidarity, ladies!

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