North Texas Community Service Ideas for Ages 5 – 10

By this age, most kids are able to understand the idea of serving others and why we do it. They are able to be more independent and in depth in the activities. 

Children ages five to 10 years old can volunteer.Whether it is through allowance, birthday, or holiday gifts, all of the money our children receive is divided into three different jars: a save, spend, and give jar.

As a family, you can decide the percentage of money that goes towards each jar. I suggest putting the most in save, and then at least 10 percent in spend and give. They can use the give money to give to any charity or use the money to buy items to donate. This activity teaches children to be responsible with their money and to think of others when they are given a gift. 

Here are other ways that five to 10 year olds can serve in their communities: 

  • Pack lunches and take it to a shelter.
  • Sort through their toys and clothes to donate. 
  • Write cards.
  • Bake goodies for homeless shelter.
  • Pick up trash around their school or neighborhood.
  • Collect, donate, and/or deliver items such as food, toys, or clothing.
  • Decorate cards for nursing homes, firefighters, police, medical staff, etc.
  • Ring the bell for the Salvation Army.

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