5 Moms-Night-In Holiday Party Ideas


Host a Christmas holiday party for other moms.It’s always a good time for a moms night in, and themed parties are even more fun: Can you say cocktails?! Here are five moms-night-in holiday party ideas for you and your friends, beyond the white elephant party . . . 

1. Better Together Party

The holidays are great and all, but we moms have a lot of extra things to do. Invite your mom friends over for a “better together party” where you do those pesky daunting holiday chores . . . together.

What better way to wrap presents, stuff and label holiday cards, bake and decorate Christmas cookies, and sort out those other holiday to-dos than with friends?! The time goes faster when you make it fun, right? 

2. Christmas Carol-oke

Invite your mom friends over to bust loose by belting those loved (and even sometimes hated) Christmas carols — karaoke style. Sure, we may roll our eyes and complain about how long Christmas songs are on the radio and how annoying they can get, but let’s be real . . . they’re catchy and we can all (probably) sing every last word to all the popular Christmas songs. Plus, it’s always fun to sing as loud as you can with friends. 

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3. Comfort & Joys

Enjoy a simple evening filled with the comfort of home, friends, and good food by throwing a “comfort and joys” theme party. Don’t worry about cleaning the house or making a special meal or baking the best cookies. Invite your friends, as they are, to your home, as it is. If your house isn’t perfectly clean, chances are your guests will feel even more at home! Make it a potluck, add some board games, and bam! You have the simple comfort and joy of time spent with good friends. 

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4. Scrooge Party

From November through December, it’s all about the holidays. We’re prepping and planning, picking gifts, wrapping gifts, giving gifts, setting out holiday decor, baking, travel planning, and talking all about holiday things! We moms need a break; thus, the Scrooge party. Invite your mom friends over for a moms night in with one rule: no holiday talk! Make it even more fun by having an “ugly” holiday hat. Anyone who mentions anything about the holidays has to wear the hat! 

5. Worst Present Ever Party

We spend so much time looking for that perfect gift for our kids, our family, and our friends. Why not take that stress out of it and instead buy (or make) the worst gift ever to give. You can even do it white elephant style! Wrap those terrible gifts, place them under the tree. You’re bound to have some good laughs at these awful, terrible, no-good gifts.


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