Andrea, a Fort Worth native, married her high school sweetheart in 2004 and now resides in Benbrook. She is a full-time work-from-home mom working as a medical biller. Andrea and her husband had a few struggles having a child, but God blessed them with a rambunctious baby girl in 2011. She is their one and only, so they treasure every minute with her. Before having her daughter, her favorite pasttime was coordinating weddings and decorating for parties. Having a girl was an extra blessing because now she can put those special skills to work. Now her favorite pasttime is throwing fun playdates and school parties.

What Is a Rainbow Baby?

I'll always think about the children I've lost but I continue to pray for peace that things happen for a reason.
A mother shows her love by letting her daughter fail.

Why I Pray My Daughter Fails

We all face different challenges each day. As a mother we want to shield our children from the bad obstacles, but I am here to say that we need to let our children fail. I want my daughter to fail because if I don't let her fail then I'm not trying.
Start a tradition like making pancakes every Christmas morning.

Starting a Family Christmas Tradition

Growing up most of us had family traditions that were passed down from generation to generation. I told my mother the other day, I remember as a child we use to get oranges and pecans in our stocking.
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One Mom’s Journey to Non-Medicating Her ADHD Daughter

The journey to getting testing done, finding the right facility, finding the right plan for your child will be the biggest struggle of all. But don't give up. Taking this route may not work for some families. But if you don't try, then you will never know.
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Junk-Free Easter Basket How-To

It is so easy to get overwhelmed and just grab the pre-packaged, character-themed basket that will cost you an arm and a leg. You will most likely never use the basket again. Although it seems easy to just grab and go, if you plan ahead and add a few more minutes of your time, then you could easily get a cute and reasonably priced Easter basket that you will be satisfied with and your child will love.

When Your Friend Has a Child with Autism

The journey is one that we may not understand unless we live it. Therefore, as a friend, we have to teach ourselves to be the best friend we can be as they go through the good and bad times. As the years have passed, I am learning the do's and don'ts of being there for my friend.
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My Ultimate Mom Fail

I say "ultimate" because this event not only happened, but it also continued to snowball downhill not twice or even three times, but FOUR times. Yes, four times I have made a disastrous mess of the tooth fairy.