Andrena moved to Texas as a newlywed in 2006. She and her husband, Elten, have two active and loving boys, Ernest (born in 2009) and Andruw (born in 2010). Andrena finds great joy in simple living. She loves good food, good friends, and good conversation. In her free time, she likes to write and photograph her family. You can follow her personal blog at myandrena.com.
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Parent Empowerment Is . . .

All parents have the power to become active participants in their child's education. Although I wrote my Master's comps on parent empowerment in schools, my perspective has certainly been enlightened as a mom. I love...

Back to School at Almost 40

I've been a stay-at-home mom for almost seven years. Now with two school age boys, it is time for me to start rethinking my future. So, here I am going back to school at...
Whether it's a hot bath, a coffee, or a meditation session, remember to self-care.

Moms, Take Care of Yourself! A Lesson from the Motherboard

No matter what the device looks like on the outside, remember it is the health of the motherboard (the inside) that brings the device to life. Caring for the motherboard is damage prevention for the rest of the unit.

“Mommy, Can I Clip Up?”

One of the best things about my son going to kindergarten last year was stealing the clip chart idea from his teacher. From the very first week, my five year old was sold on “clipping...

Not the Party Pooper! Minding Your Birthday Bash Manners

Every mama knows each child's birthday is another chance to reflect on how far “them babies” have come . . . aaand how far we mamas have come. I shamelessly love the chaotic planning...

My Summer Game Plan

When I was a little girl, my summer memories consisted mostly of reading books from the school's summer reading list. My days involved watching PBS classics and playing endlessly outside with my sister and...

The Last Summer: Celebrating Transition

In the past, summer has just been a continuation of the year. My stay-at-home mom responsibilities have been the same -- no matter the season. This summer is different. My oldest (turning six in...