Proud to be raised in Burleson (shout out Kelly Clarkson), Jami was even the Elk mascot for her beloved Burleson High School. Jami's greatest pleasure comes from exploring the world and learning about all the beautifully unique people in it, so she started a business in the summer of 2021 taking groups of women around the world! Her business, Women Exploring the World has already taken women to experience Christmas markets in Bruges, Brussels; Paris, and London. They've also taken women to Costa Rica, Italy, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Scotland, and to Norway to see the Northern lights. Jami's greatest gift is her family, Corban, her beloved hubby; Jessy (born 2011); Maggy (born 2013); Lilly (born 2015); and Jude (born 2018). Besides running her travel business, Jami spends her days having adventures with her kids, homeschooling them part-time, assistant coaching PE, attempting to keep her brother and sister labradors out of trouble, keeping her son from killing their cat, and supporting her husband at his Edward Jones office downtown Fort Worth. Jami is a woman secure in God's love for her. He is her first love.
A woman write a calendar on a white board.

13 Small Changes for Smoother Days

Having four kids, homeschooling part time, and running my own business means I need a few tricks to make life run more smoothly. Here are simple tips and habits for smoother days!
Young kid playing in the dirt

Dirt Over Disney :: What Kids Really Like

Kids love parents who are truly engaged with them while they are doing whatever they are doing. Kids love simple pleasures that most adults have forgotten exist. 
A delicate tea cup breaks, which saddens a mama who cherishes the special cup.

Enjoy It Until It Breaks

The truth is, even our most precious possessions will break, or get lost, or lose their value to us. Plus, we don't get to take anything with us when we go.
Enjoy each season because the next will be different but maybe no better.

Missing Today While Chasing Tomorrow

Whatever season we're in is full of challenges and sacrifices. Whatever season we're in is most likely hard. But this season also has unique sweet gifts only THIS season offers. 

When I Cried My Eyes Out in Disappointment at Disney World

Maybe sometimes we can get so deep in our dreaming we forget the point, especially us planners. 
University model schools can be a great schooling option.

University Model Schooling Is as Wonderful as It Is Difficult

This model of school gives us the great gift of spending more time together as a family. My kids still get a classroom experience where they work with others and learn from an experienced teacher, but they also get even more time working with our family.

Foster Care Is for Us All

Maybe we can't foster full time right now, but we can offer respite for an evening or a weekend every once in a while for some foster parents. Maybe we can't care for a foster children at this moment, but we can give our resources.