Julie is a Texas-born missionary kid that grew up in New Zealand and finally found her way back to Lone Star state, by way of Missouri and Tennessee. Back in the DFW area, she met her worship pastor husband, Jake, in 2011. In 2013, Julie gave birth to a feisty little boy named Jude. In the summer of 2016, Ella Jene was born and balanced out the family. Julie loves good coffee, thrift stores, and occasionally faking a New Zealand accent. She is also a teacher, a singer, a songwriter, an Alabama fan, a traveler, and a Jesus follower. She considers herself to be an expert in food, music, and mistakes. Julie tells stories about her life and the people in it over at The Potluck Diaries.

Keeping the Memory of Your Loved One Alive for Your Kids

The thought of my children growing up and not really being impacted by his life makes me sad. So, I am a mom on a mission to keep my dad's memory alive for my children. Here are some ways you can do the same.
Piggy Bank

Six Budgeting Basics to Teach Your Kids

Here are some ways you can encourage and teach your kids to be responsible spenders and savers.
Budget Envelopes

Our Debt Free Life: How We Did It

Five years later, we are still using those same principles, with some flexibility, now that we know what works for us. I am not an expert in finance, and our strategies were simple. Here are some practical things that helped us reach our debt free status.
Mom and Baby

Breastfeeding Success: The One Thing You Must Have

Then I had my first baby. And you know what I found? Breastfeeding was so hard. Physically hard. Emotionally hard. That baby had a terrible latch. I couldn't pump enough milk to cover the bottom of a bottle. I was exhausted and hormonal. And I knew that all of those breastfeeding supplies meant nothing if I didn't have the one thing I really needed . . . a healthy dose of plain old stubbornness. 
Heart on mirror

Learning to Love the Girl in the Mirror

Because my feeling better isn't just physical, although it is that, too. It's emotional. I am emotionally better because I find the way I look more acceptable.

Change Is Hard (Time Change, that Is)

I have tried everything. Before that clock jumps ahead in the spring, I have spent two weeks inching back that bedtime, 5-10 minutes at a time. Nope. The kid isn't fooled. In the fall, I have allowed him to stay up a little later, in hopes that he would sleep in and save me from an oh-my-goodness-it-can't-possibly-be-morning-yet wakeup time. Again, no dice. So I am out of options, except for possibly reciting the Serenity Prayer for the next few months while my kids get their little internal clocks worked out to match Daylight Savings Time.
Coffee, glasses, and headphone

Why Your Wife Wants to Be Alone on Valentine’s Day

It all started with a simple poll of my friends via social media. I was genuinely curious. Most of my friends are moms, and I knew they would have good ideas. So I asked my question: What do you really want for Valentine's Day? The responses I got were so unexpected, I expanded my poll to other online groups. I had to know if other women felt the same. The answers I got were eerily similar to the first ones. Mama after mama echoed the same thing, as if they had previously agreed to vote alike for the sake of solidarity. Many of these women were strangers, though, connected by nothing more than social media groups, but they were saying the same thing. I'd like to be alone.