Tiffany and her husband, Cody, made their home in Fort Worth five years ago after pulling up their Oklahoma roots and enjoying a rather long stint in San Antonio. Having a grand total of eight children spanning 16 years, including five boys and three girls, she likes to say she has seven the old-fashioned way and one through adoption. She spends her time homeschooling, buying enormous amounts of groceries, and walking around asking who left out all this stuff. When motherhood spares her a moment, she likes to run, read, or organize her entire home.
mom telling a story to child

Fight Bad Behavior With a Story

You can't tell a story every single time your kid acts up. I get it. But getting into the swing of identifying with our kids, lightening the mood, and facilitating conversation can only benefit our parenting skills.
Before you know it, children are grown and on their own.

You Have Less Time Than You Think

I think kids need to have age-appropriate awareness of serious issues. Problems like rape, human trafficking, and pornography can affect his or her life and should be discussed.
Reading is a great quiet time activity for kids.

Quiet Time for All :: Limiting Access to Toys with 25 Ideas

We have quiet time every day. What I call quiet time is essentially a glorified mandatory time of rest in the afternoon. For our family, this period has ranged between one and three hours over the years.
Creative touches to make an Advent calendar can make any Christmas merry.

Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

I will never forget the laugh we all had a few years ago as our oldest son discovered his codename was "Sugar Plum."
picking out a red pepper

Why You Need a Meal Plan

While I didn't invent the meal plan, the idea greatly improved the efficiency of my home management. I was, however, worried about how well I would be able to stick with it. I like a little flexibility and don't want to be limited by a piece of paper.
summer sunglasses

We Ditched Media Last Summer, and My Kids Didn’t Die

Within a few days, my kids were offering to help with dinner, condescending to their younger sibs to play their favorite game or read a book aloud. They were organizing themselves, cooperating, and genuinely loving each other better. These were the kind of people with whom I wanted to spend the summer. Without even the possibility of video games on the mind, everyone settled into the new routine. 
Blue Eyed Toddler

How to Co-Sleep with Your Older Baby

Protect your face. It is singular that no one has yet to invent a face shield for co-sleeping parents. It would need to be clear, of course, so you can see your innocent offspring nestled so close, and yet durable so you don't have to explain a black eye. Until this product is available, you will want to familiarize yourself with the brace-for-impact position.