Keeping Kids Busy: Salt Painting


During the hot summer months it’s hard to come up with enough fun activities that will keep three big kids, one baby, and one momma entertained and out of the heat. I’ve quickly started to run out of interesting ideas, so I reached out to friends for suggestions. One of my friends mentioned salt painting – it sounded easy and I had everything on hand (I bet you do too!), so we gave it a try.

Salt Painting | Fort Worth Moms Blog

What you need:

–       Glue
–       Table Salt
–       Paper
–       Water
–       Food Colors
–       Paintbrushes or an eye dropper

Salt Painting | Fort Worth Moms Blog

How to do it:

–       Draw a picture on your paper with the glue.
–       Sprinkle the salt on top and then shake off the excess.
–       Mix the water and a few drops of food color.
–       Dip the paintbrush or eye dropper in the colored water and place a drop on the salt/glue lines.
–       Watch as the color travels along the line!

Salt Painting | Fort Worth Moms Blog

The kids got a kick out of “drawing with glue” and “color races.” I plan to whip this activity out again to keep my three big kids occupied while I make meals. Salt… dinner… it all goes together.

How do you keep your kids busy during the summer?


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