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As a moms we rely on recommendations from friends, online reviews and our best guess as to what products and gear we will need as we start out in motherhood.  What are the best brands? Do I really need {insert product here}?  I shared some of my favorite newborn products and we still use some of those items but 3 months later, and we have found all sorts of favorite new things to keep up with our little girl’s changing needs!

1. Bravado!® nursing bra: you may remember Anna’s post about all things nursing bras, and I totally agree with her – Bravado takes the gold.  You may be okay with your Target bras, but I personally found this one well worth the ~$35 investment. My favorite is The Original, but Bravado has a variety of styles in bras and tanks.

2. ergobaby™ baby carrier: this has been my grocery-shopping lifesaver. I’m confident I’m not the only one whose baby is not a fan of the car seat. Putting her in the shopping cart while in the car seat was just not an option (not to mention I was TERRIFIED something might happen and the car seat fall out). Insert babywearing! We had a great post from Jennifer of FW Babywearers about all the different carrier options.  We have quite a few at our house, but I really enjoy the ergo.  It’s relatively easy to get on, doesn’t put too much strain on the back, and can also be used with a newborn insert (our LO is very petite, so at 3 months we still used the insert).

3. Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag: love this bag – stylish yet functional. I bought mine on eBay for almost half the price.  One of my favorite features is the stroller straps – no need to carry that big bag or shove it in the basket under the seat!

4. aden+anais® serenity star™ sound machine: this sound machine has so many cool features: sound machine, feeding diary, room temperature indicator (it changes colors if it is too hot or cold!), night-light, and clock. We love it.

5. bumGenius™ Cloth Diapers: green living and parenting on a budget led us down the path of cloth diapers.  Lacey offered a post about the ease and essentials of cloth diapering.  We’ve only used bumGenius, but are very pleased with them! I love the pocket style, as it allows you to stuff as many inserts as you want based on your child’s needs.  They can also be found at a variety of retailers, and in some cute colors!

6. itzbeen™ pocket nanny: the type A nerd in me loves keeping lists and keeping track of our day. Early on I used an app on my phone for this, but after draining my battery by 3pm one too many times, I decided to try out this great device.  It allows me to track how long it’s been since I changed a diaper, started a feeding (and on which side, if you’re breastfeeding), or took a nap (or how long we’ve been asleep).  You can clip it on your belt or bag and carry it around wherever you go!  I have heard of people using two of them to keep track of twins’ schedules – genius!

7. 4moms mamaRoo®: it took us a while to warm up to it, but our little one loves hanging out in her mamaRoo in the mornings while I eat breakfast. It is compact enough to fit just about anywhere, has multiple speeds, moves in 5 different motions, and you can connect your iPod to play music through it or simply choose one of the nature sounds.  You can also set the recline to whatever position you like.

8. Halo® SleepSack® Swaddle: in my newborn post, we raved about the Miracle Blanket for swaddling.  At 3 months, our pediatrician encouraged us to wean her off the swaddle, and we found this product to be extremely helpful when making the transition.  It allowed us to remove one arm at a time from the swaddle, and now that we no longer swaddle her arms, the flaps still wrap snuggly around her body to keep her feeling nice and cozy!

What were your favorite products at this age?


  1. ITZBEEN : LOVE LOVE LOVED the itzbeen for the first few months. It was especially helpful when remembering sides for breastfeeding.

    BABY CARRIER : I could not have survived the first 6+ months of my second child especially without a baby carrier. She was also one that HATED her carrier, and I had to have my hands more free to hang on to my 1st (who was less than 2 years old when she was born). I personally like the Boba better, but I am a short person of smaller statue and that one best tightened down on me and felt secure. HIGHLY recommend checking out the post about carriers and testing out many before you pick one. Baby wearing is not just about convinience (although for me that was a HUGE part of it)and I think many people don’t try ti because they feel either intimidated by all the carriers or they just buy a carrier and it is uncomfortable so they don’t attempt it more than once. I encourage all new moms (and moms the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc time around who have never done baby wearing) to check it out!


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