Catch a Summer Flick! {Sponsored by Cinemark Roanoke}


Disclaimer :: The newly opened Cinemark Roanoke invited Fort Worth Moms Blog contributor Hayley to tour its facilities and provided her (and you too, dear reader; just wait!) with complementary movie passes in exchange for the tour and review.

DMN Topper - Roanoke NOI’m not sure how this happened, but summer is almost over. When I was a kid, my parents squeezed out the last bit of summer ’til the bitter end, and most years we did that with two or three movies in one week. When my girl is old enough, I plan on doing the exact same thing. This week I toured the perfect place for it.  A brand new Cinemark just opened in Roanoke; I definitely think you should check it out.

The XD screen is so massive I look tiny standing in front of it. In fact, I think this is my new favorite picture of myself

The theater has a ton of fantastic features:

  • Massive self-serve concession stand with extended menu (hello hamburgers, Starbucks, wine, and craft beer)
  • 14 theaters, including one XD auditorium with a wall-to-wall screen
  • Arcade room

These are great and everything, but my favorite part is the seating. Yeah I said it, the seating. Every seat in the place is a “Cinemark Luxury Lounger.” Let me tell you, those boys won’t disappoint. In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ll spot a tired mama or two passed out in those seats by the end of your movie. The other great thing about the seating? Everything is reserved. This has become more and more popular in movies theaters, of course, but in this new theater, every seat can be reserved.

The “Luxury Lounger.” Can these be installed in my house??

Also, in case you’re looking for a indoor late summer/early fall birthday party venue (you know to avoid the SAUNA we live in), look no further. Cinemark Roanoke has a party room available. If a cool, no clean-up, concession-filled party with a movie in the middle sounds good to you, click here for more details.

All in all, I was very impressed with Cinemark Roanoke. I’ll be honest: Before I got there I was thinking new movie theater, same old show, but I was wrong. The AC was flowing, the aroma of butter drenched the air, the leather chairs were plush, and everything was sparkling (literally, they were shining and scrubbing as I walked around). Just the fact that it’s brand new and squeaky clean was enough to get me excited (no sticky floors or butter coated counters people!). So catch a flick at the new Cinemark in Roanoke this weekend. It’s the perfect way to cap off your family’s summer . . .  and if you have the time, squeeze in a couple of shows. I promise it’s a memory your kids won’t forget.

IMG_4440Check out the Showtimes and Theater Information. And stay tuned to the Fort Worth Moms Blog Facebook page on Monday, August 17, 2015 for your chance to win free movie passes!

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