FWMB Moms Take Over Costco {#CostcoMomHour}


Costco_Mom_Hour_Facebook_Fort_WorthTarrant County moms love Costco. How do we know? On November 13, 2015, Fort Worth Moms Blog readers took over four local Costco stores for the first ever national event, Costco Mom Hour. Yes, you read correctly. National event. These four stores (Fort Worth, North Fort Worth, Arlington, and Southlake) in conjunction with dozen of other stores across the country enjoyed the influx of City Moms Blog Network sites and readers. In total, more than 11,000 people attended the event nationwide with FWMB representing with just more than 1,100 registrations. IT WAS SO FUN!

#CostcoMomHour meant store doors were open for a full hour (9:00 – 10:00 a.m.) JUST for FWMB readers. We were treated like queens thanks to swag bags loaded with Kirkland Signature products, a breakfast spread for moms and kids, family-friendly samples throughout the store, discounts for new member sign-ups, and some locations even had giveaways. See. We told you it was fun and oh-so-special.

Costco breakfast

In preparation for this post, we asked attendees what they enjoyed most about the events and what they love about Costco! Here’s what they said:

  1. Friendly staff. Like really friendly. Like so friendly they welcome your kids and are eager to answer questions, direct you to product, and make you feel like a VIP.
  2. Foods your family loves. From many, many prepared food items to aisle after aisle of easy-to-cook food products to the inexpensive cafe great for a quick lunch, Costco stores offer so much variety and value when it comes to grocery list. And, you’ll find numerous organic items on their shelves. At the recent #CostcoMomHour, many of these items were on display. (In fact, the Overton Ridge store had so many sample station, I didn’t even make it through everything!)
  3. One-stop shopping. The foods are really just the tip of the iceberg. Costco offers so many home goods, toiletries, clothing items, toys, books, technology, furniture — including name brands you want. Essentially, whatever you need — even car care and insurance and travel packages — Costco has it. That was certainly true as FWMB readers checked out! (Yes, I totally walked around stalking asking what others most like to purchase at Costco. My favorite was the mom with practically 10 bottles of Sangria. Hahahaha.)
  4. Clean, clean, clean. It does not go unnoticed by mamas; a clean store means so much. You can shop with ease thanks to wide aisles that are clear of debris; bathroom breaks are pleasant and not cringe-inducing thanks to tidy restrooms; tables are ready for quicks snacks and meals freshly wiped between customers.
  5. Value. As stated, area moms love the products Costco provides, but if they are not at a good price, the household budget takes a hit. By buying in bulk, families can secure the stellar deals Costco negotiates for its members.

Alison bearAs always, it is a TREAT for FWMB staff to hang out with readers. We love to hear your stories, learn about your kids, know what is important to you, and shop while we do it! Right?

Thank you for supporting the #CostcoMomHour!

You can view the complete Costco Mom Hour photo album on the Fort Worth Moms Blog Facebook page.


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