Start a Clean Energy Tradition This Holiday Season


Disclaimer :: Green Mountain Energy crafted this sponsored post as a great resource for local parents hoping to “go green” this holiday season.

The holiday season is upon us – and all the traditions that come with it. These are the traditions that mean something to us and that inspire a nostalgic sense of happiness, joy, and childhood – and that we long to recreate for our own children. We all enjoy our own traditions, whether it’s taking the family to see the beautiful holiday lights, baking fresh cookies for Santa, or picking out the perfect tree.

While some family traditions remain the same year after year, it’s never too late to start new ones with your family. Through new, clean energy traditions, we can teach our children the importance of sustaining our planet and natural resources, and inspire future generations to care about the environment.

Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth provides a great example of keeping the future of our planet in mind by purchasing 100 percent renewable energy all year long. This holiday season, Sundance offers fun, family-friendly holiday programming and will be officially lighting their Christmas tree on Saturday, November 18, at 6:30 p.m. The tree, which stands at a whopping 65 feet tall, will feature 10,000 LED tree lights and be powered by 100 percent clean energy from Green Mountain Energy. Aside from enjoying the beautiful public light displays, here are our top five ways to start a green tradition this holiday season:

Green Mountain Energy Company Sundance squareDecorate efficiently. One of the most memorable holiday traditions I have is decorating the house each Christmas. I loved helping my Dad hang the lights! Thankfully, we now have the option to choose high-efficiency, long-lasting LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs. Not only are LEDs a safer option, but they’ll also help to significantly reduce holiday energy usage and costs.

Recycle your tree. One of the best parts about having a live Christmas tree (aside from the way it makes your home smell, of course) is that it’s biodegradable. When it’s time to say goodbye to your tree, plan to have it recycled into mulch for local gardens and landscapes. By choosing to recycle, you’ll save valuable landfill space and decrease harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Most cities, including Fort Worth, offer tree recycling programs with either designated pickup days or drop-off locations.

Gift with the planet in mind. When you think Christmas, presents are undoubtedly one of the first things that come to mind. We all love watching our kids’ faces light up on Christmas morning when they unwrap their gifts, but no one loves the amount of trash left behind. According to Stanford University, Americans throw away 25 percent more trash during the holiday season. Whenever possible, choose to use recycled wrapping paper and ribbons, reusable gift bags and boxes, or get creative and wrap presents with fabric, newspapers, or old maps. If every American family wrapped three presents in reused materials, the paper saved would cover 45,000 football fields! By gifting with the planet in mind, we can make a real difference.

Ditch the holiday card. Instead of sending dozens of printed holiday cards through the mail, save the paper and take the digital route! Not only will you be helping the planet and helping save a tree, but you’ll also save a little money by not having to pay for postage or paper. If you prefer sending actual cards, try sending a postcard instead to avoid envelopes — and make sure to choose cards made from recycled paper.

Put the environment on your list. We all need electricity to power our homes. One of the simplest ways to start a clean energy tradition this year is by choosing to power your home with 100 percent renewable energy. In choosing electricity from renewable sources like the wind and sun, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrate your commitment to a clean energy future. Join Green Mountain Energy’s tradition of keeping the planet green by signing up for a clean electricity plan today.



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