Caffeinate Your BRAAAAINS with Some MOMbie Coffee {Giveaway}


MOMbie CoffeeWe at the Fort Worth Moms Blog know that mama needs her coffee or she just might turn into a brain-slurping zombie, so we are giving away a sample package of MOMbie Coffee grounds to one lucky winner! The website describes this roast as “a distinct blend for exhausted, overworked, underappreciated women. Fortified with electrolytes to help you through a hangover, workout, playdate, volunteer appointment, tough meeting, or 3,000th diaper.

The beans are responsibly sourced, grown by Honduran women who are given land as an opportunity to earn a living and care for their families. This means your MOMbie coffee beans might have been cultivated by survivors of abusive marriages — and are definitely the product of empowered women starting new lives for themselves and their children. Plus, MOMbie donates a portion of proceeds to a local shelter for abused women. If that’s not a cause worth supporting, we don’t know what is!

You excited yet? Here is how you enter to win: sign up here. That’s all. We will choose a winner — at random — on National Coffee Day: September 29, 2018. That winner will be contacted via the email used to enter the drawing. But be sure to add [email protected] to your contacts so your winning notification doesn’t get flagged as spam!

We do not send out spam or bombard your inbox, but send out content, info, and event updates as pertinent. It’s a great way to stay connected without having to depend on social media — with all its algorithms and ever-changing policies. We will be hosting top-notch giveaways once a month for our FWMB subscribers throughout 2018. YAY!


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