10 Shows on Netflix to Binge-Watch Now

Netflix on TV
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Whether you’re stuck inside during a rainy day, cluster-feeding during those newborn days, looking to sit back and relax after the kiddos hit the hay, or just looking for something to semi-watch as you do chores, these shows currently streaming on Netflix will definitely keep you entertained and coming back for more!

  • Friends — Talk about nostalgia! This show brings it back and is just . . . well, it’s just good! If you’ve never seen Friends, you’re really missing out. This is a GREAT show to watch over and over. It’s perfect to sit and binge-watch or to turn on for background noise as you work on something else. 
  • Gilmore Girls — My completely unbiased opinion . . . this show is THE best. That’s all you need to know. Now, go watch (and make sure to have a cup of coffee to sip).
  • Grey’s Anatomy — If you’re in the mood to feel all the feels at all times during a show, this is the go-to show. One minute you’re jumping for joy and excited for the love or friendship that’s blooming before your eyes, and the next you’re bawling your eyes out from some incredibly heartbreaking moment. (Don’t worry; you move on quickly to the all new feels as the show goes on.) 
  • Jane the Virgin — Telenovelas draw me in every time they’re on, even though I don’t know Spanish. The drama, the romance . . . how can you not get hooked?! Jane the Virgin has some telenovela aspects (minus the Spanish) and is so fun to watch. There’s so much drama and a love triangle that sucks you right in! 
  • Nailed It! — This is perfect to watch when you just need to LOL. Watching home bakers try to re-create top-notch bakers’ creations . . . hilarious! 
  • New Girl — Quirky and fun are two words that perfectly describe this show. It’s short and sweet and draws you in from the first minute! 
  • Once Upon a Time — If you are a Disney fan (or not a Disney fan) and you have NOT watched Once Upon a Time, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go start this show! It’s so good and brings on a whole new twist to all the classic fairy tales! 
  • Parenthood — Talk about real life. This show has it all — sibling quarrels from young years to adult years, parenting at all ages and so many stages — and reminds us that no one really has it ALL together at any point in life. We’re all figuring out how to parent our kiddos at every age and every stage. Be ready to laugh, and make sure to have tissues ready when watching this show! 
  • Parks and Recreation — This, my friends, is one of my all-time favorite shows. If watching Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and the rest of the Parks and Rec gang in this mockumentary series doesn’t make you laugh, then I don’t know what will! 
  • The Office — This is another mockumentary series you need to see STAT if you haven’t already! It gets funnier and funnier as it goes on, and watching the Jim/Pam relationship unfold . . . so many heart eye emojis!!!!! 

What shows are on your Netflix binge-watch list?


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