Introducing Denton County Moms Neighbor Group


Denton County Moms Neighbor GroupThe newest member of the Fort Worth Moms family is here: Denton County Moms Neighbor Group!

It’s been months in the making of hoping and dreaming. Now, we are THRILLED to announce the launch of Denton County Moms Neighbor Group. Just like our other Neighbor Groups, Denton County Moms will provide an online and offline connection for moms all across Denton County. 

New to the FWM team is Amanda, who will be the Denton County Moms Neighbor Group leader. Amanda is from Denton, Texas, and is a busy mom to four boys: Donovan, 12; Landon, 10; Owen, three; and Logan, one. They keep her busy. Amanda has lived in Denton for the past 28 years and absolutely loves it. She has a background in real estate and is a graduate from Texas Woman’s University. In her free time Amanda and her family travel with her older son’s baseball select team, take family trips and adventures, take advantage of all the fun Downtown Denton has to offer, and spend lots of time with family. Amanda is very excited to welcome more moms from Denton County! 

Amanda Shelton ShirleyNeighbor Groups are Facebook groups managed by FWM for moms throughout North Texas. Each group has an assigned FWMB Neighbor Group leader who will decide, in conjunction with her group, a standing meet-up time and place for regular get togethers among group members. This could be play dates at a nearby park every first Friday of the month or lunch at a local restaurant every other Wednesday. You can attend every meet up, or as your schedule allows. This is our solution for taking our big city and making it feel small; our way of taking the online FWM community and fostering real-life, face-to-face friendships and support systems for moms in our area. Our hope is to create a safe place for moms from all walks of life to share stories and receive encouragement.

It is FREE to join Denton County Moms — or any other Neighbor Group — and is so easy to do so. Once you find Denton County Moms on Facebook, simply request to join. The group’s admin will then grant access. It’s that easy!

Hope to meet you there!


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