We're not talking about breastfeeding versus bottle, or when or where your baby sleeps. No, we are talking about what we wish we knew during those newborn days to help us survive -- and maybe even have moments of thriving.
Y'all. This is a good one to listen to over and over. For most of our adult lives the concept of hospilatliy stumped and scared us. Katherine Sasser, a hospitality guru, explains, sets us straight, and quite frankly, encourages us.
Beth and Emily chat about Emily's adoption journey in this behind-the-scenes Q & A. The pair discusses everything from the why and the how to the hard and happy.
Sneak treats when no one is looking? Lie a little about when Chick-fil-a is actually open? Don't enjoy playing pretend with your kids? Hear this and all our other confessions in episode 10, "Momfessions Confessions." Several listeners joined in on this one to share their sneaky moments too. All in solidarity, ladies!
Is this content hard to hear? Is it hard to wrap your mind around? Is it so scary because it's so real and so right in your backyard? Yes. But PLEASE LISTEN. Rebekah Charleston started life in all the average, every day ways but found herself in her teens and twenties a victim of sexual violence and explotation. Her story sparks a discussion mothers neeeeeeed to be having: How do we raise children who value and respect sex and other people? Take a listen and join the conversation below by adding your comments. 
We're talking about alll those parts below the belt, ladies. From discussions about how we were taught to how we are teaching our kids about reproductive function and health . . . and, y'all, what surprised us most about our vaginas and her friends as we've aged.
From "pillow" panties with ice packs and stool softeners to beautiful moments of joy and empowerment, Beth and Emily invite several ladies to share their best advice about child birth -- including how to navigate that process as an adoptive mom.

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Resources to Help with Summer Reading

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