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#basic. It’s a term the kids are using these days to describe the dime-a-dozen person who tends to follow trends, blend in amongst the crowd, and according to my Internet research, love Target and watch The Notebook. I took a few quizzes, and it turns out that I rank pretty high in basicity. What does that even mean? My tendency to abbreviate, thoughts on Pumpkin Spice, and types of Pinterest boards translate into what kind of person I am? That’s crazy. Do I like a lot of things that are also generally liked by others? Sure. Do I also love reading nerdy books on linguistics and eating liverwurst sandwiches? Yes. But if loving Target and The Notebook make me #basic, then, heck yeah, I’m basic. Super duper basic.

In the same spirit of the highly scientific quizzes available online to test your #basic, I’ve created a questionnaire to see how #BasicFortWorthMom you are. Enjoy!

  • Do you love Fort Worth and quickly correct anyone who thinks you are from Dallas?
  • When friends or family visit, is Joe T Garcia’s inevitably on the itinerary?
  • Have you ever driven to Dallas just to see the grassy knoll when those same friends or family visit?
  • Do you have very strong opinions about where to get the best barbecue?
  • Do you have even stronger opinions about where to get the best margs?
  • Can even your young children handle spicy salsa better than most of your grown up, non-Texan friends?
  • Are you so excited about the entrance of Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market, and the soon-to-come Whole Foods to the Fort Worth market so that you can overcorrect and feel a little less guilty about the Fred’s burger you just fed your kids during the weekend?
  • Are you reliving your childhood love of popsicles at least once a month at Steel City Pops?
  • Do you look forward to your birthday, if only for the Kendra Scott discount?
  • Have you stopped by the makeup counters at Neiman’s in desperate need of a heavy duty concealer for your new mom dark circles?
  • Do you believe that anything worth putting on your children is also worth monogramming?
  • Do you have strong feelings about how old is too old to still wear smocked clothing?
  • Do you keep extending that age limit because omgtheyaresoadorable?
  • Did you start thinking about which preschool to send your kids to before they were even born?
  • Are at least half of your holiday items also a blatant marketing strategy to get your children to attend your college?
  • Is the street address on your curb painted in your college colors?
  • Are you currently wearing your sorority’s Homecoming 2002 long sleeve t-shirt? Don’t lie.
  • Do you subscribe to the idea that hunting and football season correspond in an effort to keep your husband out of the house for the inevitable back-to-school viruses and their subsequent passing to mommy and daddy?
  • Is getting the family out to a pumpkin patch for pictures one of the best days of Fall? Besides your first PSL, duh.
  • Have you attended a Friday night football game at your old high school with your own children?
  • Have you been in a wedding where multiple members of the wedding party were wearing cowboy boots?#basic
  • Have you ever had to park along a residential street near Central Market during Thanksgiving or Christmas because nothing – no full parking lot or iced over ramps – would keep you from its food?
  • Is there a photo of your children posed with Cowboy Santa in the Fort Worth Stockyards?
  • Do you have anything that could be classified as “cowgirl chic” that you wear for the Rodeo, charity functions, or bachelorette parties?
  • Do you feel conflicted about whether or not you would want your kiddo to go Mutton Bustin’ at the FWSSR? On one hand it could be dangerous, but on the other hand it could be the cutest and coolest experience ever for them!
  • Is Christmas in Cowtown where you do a big chunk of your holiday shopping AND socializing for the year?
  • Do you know the layout of the Fort Worth Zoo like the back of your hand?#basic-4
  • Have you desperately longed for a margarita machine while waiting for the Yellow Rose Express at the Fort Worth Zoo?
  • Does seeing the Christmas Tree in Sundance Square make you “squee!!” every time you drive by?
  • Did you wait in the 7th Street traffic to get your first taste of Animal-Style heaven when In-N-Out first opened?
  • Do summer’s Concerts in the Garden make you fall even more in love with this city, despite cooking in the 90+ degree temps and dealing with overtired babies?
  • Do you have Tillery Park or the Trinity Trails to thank for at least 1/3 of your baby’s naps?#basic-3
  • Do you have Avoca Coffee to thank for at least 1/3 of the coherent sentences you make during the day?
  • Have you huddled with your little ones in the interior bathroom/basement during a tornado warning?
  • Have you and your children survived a birthday party at Flight Deck or Pump It Up?
  • Is your home filled with Pottery Barn Kids items, although you’ve never actually stepped foot in the brick and mortar store because it’s alllll the way in Dallas?
  • Do you love the Fort Worth Moms Blog?

If Loving Target &And the results are in: You are a Fort Worth mom, #basic or not. Your day-to-day experiences might be run of the mill, and you might enjoy things many Fort Worth mommas enjoy, but you are in no way dime-a-dozen. Maybe #basically amazing, but never #basic.

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A Florida native and recovering tanorexic, Elizabeth followed her heart to Fort Worth to be with the stud muffin that she now calls her husband since 2013. Elizabeth quit her job as a catering manager at a local lunch spot to stay home with her two adorable (and demanding) catering customers in 2014. Utilizing her degree in hospitality management from the University of Florida, she oversees the special and completely unspecial events at the home, as well as volunteers with the American Cancer Society's Cowtown Ball. Although so much has changed with the arrival of her man babies, some things remain the same: She loves laughing at her own jokes, making lists, a stiff whiskey drink, and scoring the perfect new pair of shorts.


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