Love My Local: Southlake, Keller, Roanoke


Way back in the days of rewinding and playing TLC’s “Waterfalls,” Bryan White’s “Someone Else’s Star,” and Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” on my Boombox, I moved to Southlake, or Keller, or Roanoke. Back then the city planners couldn’t figure it out. We were right on the edge of all three cities, and I had no idea how much I would grow to love living in the heart of all three . . . and still do! There is a sweetness to this not-so-small community that warms the heart. What makes me love it so? Well, glad you asked . . .


Three words . . . Southlake Town Square. I have to admit that when I heard Southlake was moving the McPherson-Fechtel farmhouse, and replacing it with shops I was ticked. Like super upset. Why would you take a quintessential Texas farmhouse with the white house, spans of green grass, and white fence, and replace it with shopping? But, y’all . . . I am no longer sad. Southlake Town Square has provided some of my most precious memories from its grand opening to today. Fourth of July Fireworks (best around), Art in the Square (even if it rains every year), Christmas Tree Lighting (all the heart eyes watching my kids run around with reindeer balloon hats), and most of all . . . Anthropologie. I want to take this moment to thank Southlake Town Square for introducing me to Anthropologie. Happy 18th birthday, Southlake Town Square! #partylikeits1999  

Let’s Get Cooking

When my fridge is bare, and I have guests arriving at 6:00 for dinner, I head to my three favorite grocery stores. For my everyday, fill the pantry necessities, my go to is Tom Thumb — either on 1709/White Chapel or 1709/Rufe Snow. Great people, prices, and $5 hydrangea bunches!! When I have salmon on the menu, I must head to Central Market Southlake. Its fish and meat is so fresh, and, let’s face it, I just want to walk around pretending I am a Food Network chef/supermom . . . that is what I am, right?! (In your dreams, Jo.) And finally, my third go-to grocer is Sprouts 1709/Davis. I go here for produce (I am addicted to mangos, and it always has the best prices), coffee (grind yourselves some French Caramel Cream and thank me later), and the people (the staff here is just the sweetest!).

When the Kiddos Have Cabin Fever

We love parks. Lucky for us there are two of the greatest right here. Always first in my heart is Bear Creek Park in Keller. Back in the day, I would strap on my rollerblades and kill it on the trails. These days my kids love both playgrounds and the massive span of trails in between — especially when the longhorns aren’t being shy and come say “hi.” *Also a great place for family pics.* Next on my list is a newbie, Bicentennial Park in Southlake. In 2015, they tore down what we affectionately called “splinter town” and replaced it with the most perfect park a mom could ever imagine: a completely enclosed space with ample room to run, swing, climb, slide, splash, and twirl. All with a subtle dragon theme, which my son thinks is the coolest. In summer, there is a great splash area for kids to cool off as they run and play. This park is a MUST for playdates, parties, or just after school fun!

When You Just Need Some Girlfriend Time

I love food, I love coffee, I love manis, and I love time with girlfriends! Two of my favorite places to get together for coffee and treats are Great Harvest Bread Co in Southlake, and Gather in Keller. Both have stellar coffee, great food, and perfect space to sit and visit! After the cups are empty, I notice my nails need a little help, and my go to nail salon is Lavish Nail Spa in Keller. It has a super clean space and the manicurists are so sweet. Oh my gracious, while I was getting my nails done I saw the travesty of split end madness. MOM HAIR! NOOO, it’s time for a cut. I adore KTS Hair Studio in Roanoke. It is nestled in downtown Roanoke and they know hair, especially my amazing stylist Emily Nolan!! Girl, you are so good.

Where My Soul is Filled

We live in the Bible Belt, y’all . . . there is a church on nearly every corner, and each have qualities that will fill you and provide precious community — from Cross Timbers and Gateway, to Fellowship and Life Church. I am so very grateful for my church home of The Hills in Southlake where I go to strengthen my faith, for the support of loving community, and where my kids are loved and learn about God and how to live out their growing faith. Not to mention all of the fun community events like Sports Camp (a favorite of my kiddos), Breakfast with Santa, and many more. 

What a blessing to call North Texas home. Whether in Keller, Southlake, Roanoke, or any number of the DFW (eh hem, FWD) suburbs; we live in an extraordinary place with some extraordinary people.

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Joanna loves doing life in Fort Worth! She has two cutie pie kiddos, Rhett, 5 and Layla, 4. She works full time in marketing and loves to run. Let’s be real . . . she likes to run because she loves donuts! She and her family are in a fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis because Layla has the disease. They could not be more in love with their team of doctors, nurses, and dietitians at Cook Childrens. Joanna says she tries to find joy in each day even though life gets absolutely crazy at times with a full-time job, two super fun and active kids, and doing treatments with Layla daily. She can many times be found in her kitchen trying out a new recipe from Cooking Light Magazine or Pioneer Woman. (Photo courtesy of: Beyond the Blue Studios).


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