Favorite Spring Fashions for Littles and Tweens


Disclaimer :: Covey House sponsored and crafted this post about spring fashion and children’s clothing.

Pastels, seersucker, bright patterns, shorts, and easy, breezy dresses — bring on the spring fashions! At Covey House, it’s hard not to feel absolutely giddy when all of the spring clothes start rolling in. Warmer temperatures and sunny days make way for a whole host of spring activities, and we are thrilled to bring you some of our favorite pieces to brighten up your little or big kid’s wardrobe this season!

If you are unfamiliar with Covey House, allow us to introduce ourselves! We carry everything from baby clothes all the way to size 16, including a selection of shoes, accessories, and gifts. As a mom, I found the transition from baby clothes to “big kid” clothes to be a bittersweet one. Granted, my daughter is three, so I can still get away with picking out her clothes, but it’s important now that what she’s wearing is functional to run, play, get messy, wet, sticky — you name it. At Covey House, our hope and mission are to make shopping a fun experience for you and your children as they grow and change (and become more opinionated)!

Below, we’ve curated some of our favorite looks for the littles and the tweens.

For the Littles (Two Through Seven)

Your little one is not a baby anymore (sigh), but maybe you aren’t quite ready to dress her like a “big kid.” There are so many options for this age that are still sweet but won’t make your kiddo feel like she’s in in baby clothes.

We hear so many boy moms saying their sons get super opinionated around this age, whether about the texture of their shirt or whether or not their shorts are patterned. During these years, kids also learn to dress themselves, and the independence that brings is incredible for everyone! However, research has shown that five year olds don’t always make the best outfit choices. (Fleece with swim shoes to school in 90-degree temps? Hey, I’m not judging; choose your battles!)

Here are some options that give a little something for everyone:

Little Boys clothes at Covey House
Little girls clothes at Covey House

For the Tweens (Eight Through 12)

The stage can be a doozy, from the apathetic shoulder shrug to the very strong opinion. (We see as much of the former as the latter.) Don’t get us wrong; we love a sense of style and the confidence it brings, but sometimes trends can be unflattering, inappropriate, or just plain bad. I remember many battles over skirt length, heel height, and fads with my own mother. It’s a right of passage as a tween mom, right?!

Being on the brink of — or maybe already in — adolescence can often present additional challenges, too. Is your 11-year-old girl starting to need to wear a training bra? Does your eight-year-old boy only want to wear Under Armour? The key here is finding clothes that your budding fashionista is excited to wear and that you are excited to buy. Everyone wins!

Tween Boys clothes at Covey House
Tween Girls clothes at Covey House

We hope dressing your kids this spring is a FUN experience for you AND for them! We are passionate about making it so, and would love to help you! You can find these fun fashions and more on our website, or come see us in person. We’d love to know you and your kiddos!!

Katie Covey HouseKatie is the co-owner of Covey House Children’s Clothier and mommy to two precious girls, Carolyn (three) and Olivia (one). She was raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and attended the University of Mississippi before moving to Dallas to practice public accounting. Katie met her husband Robby almost immediately upon stepping foot in Texas, and they have been married for six years. When she’s not on mom duty or at Covey House, she loves to try new recipes, drop into a reformer pilates class, or grab a glass of wine with girlfriends. She was a stay-at-home mom pre-Covey House, and loves how she’s been able to combine her love of children’s clothing, number-crunching, and spending time with her girls. Visit online at www.coveyhouse.com. Contact Katie at [email protected].


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