Events are becoming more abundant as the holiday approach and COVID numbers seem to be on the decline. Hooray! Take advantage of new events and those making a comeback. Attend the theatre or head to one of the many festivals happening in Fort Worth. 
Remember you cannot make someone leave an abusive relationship. If your force an intervention, you may be putting someone in a more volatile situation.
To avoid overspending in the few weeks before Christmas, I try to purchase the "need, read, and wear" gifts in advance and save the "want" until closer to. Little kids tend to change their mind often.
Come to terms with getting older? Beth and Emily discuss such and more -- especially since they recently turned another year older.
Between RSV, COVID, or anything long-term health related, there are many reasons your friends or family may end up in the hospital and staying for several days or even weeks. It is usually unexpected, and there are many ways to ease the burden.
Weeks leading up to Dia de los Muertos, families start setting up ofrendas (altars) with pictures of loved ones, cups of water and the loved ones favorite drinks, candles, and marigold petals.
By being a part of this whole journey with her, it has made me readily aware of different resources that I want to share with you. 

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Toy Stores in Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

North Texas has lots of local toy stores waiting for your support. Instead of buying from larger chain suppliers, consider purchasing from a local business. Let's support our community and shop at Fort Worth toy stores!