To find a school that combined the principles of classical education, with the convenience of being a tuition-free public school was a dream come true for my family!
From the beginning, our philosophy has been to consider all options every year for each of our three children, according to particular needs at that time. All three have gone through our district’s public school since kindergarten.
Navigating the 504 process can be tricky, but your school counselor should be able to guide you through it seamlessly. If you, as a parent, ever feel like the 504 plan is not being followed, please contact your school counselor or administrator to let him or her know.
Uplift nurtures characteristics such as curiosity, respect, and empathy, and teaches practical skills like time management, effective communication, and critical thinking. Uplift’s goal for the early years of a student’s academic life is to develop a love of learning.
Some of us made big schooling changes and some of us didn't. Take a listen and learn the whys behind where Beth and Emily -- and a few friends -- landed when it comes to education decisions for our kids.
It's been raining, it's been pouring . . . let's hope June gives us some sunshine so we can get out and about. Summer break is here! We've done the work for you, researching virtual and in-person area events for the family.
Today we see a rebirth of Juneteenth celebrations with parades, pageants, concerts, festivals, and backyard barbecues.

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Local Summer Bucket List :: 30 Ideas for Texas Fun {Printable...

If you're wondering how you'll entertain the kids these next few weeks or are just looking for some new ideas, you're in luck! We've done the brainstorming for you in this "Summer Fun Bucket List."