Busy Mom, Picky Eater-Approved Paleo Recipes


Feeding my family is one of my biggest struggles as a mama and chaos coordinator of the household. I have two littles who are gluten-free. I personally avoid grains and sugar. My husband doesn’t like most casseroles. And my son does not like certain meats and would prefer to eat only fruit and dinner rolls.

Yup, finding something everyone can eat and enjoy is pretty hard. The best recipes I have found to appease my hungry crowd are paleo recipes. Following a paleo diet means we eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. And we avoid grains and processed foods. We have followed this diet for more than a year, and I finally found a good arsenal of recipes on rotation. So you can skip the Pinterest searching and recipe flops and check out these busy mom- and picky eater-approved recipes.


Egg McMuffin. I so wish I could make mine look as cute as the images in this recipe, but my kids love these! Plus, you can pack these very easily for those busy mornings when you need to eat and run. 

Energy Balls. I have been making these for years and, now that my kids are older, they can make them themselves. You can tweak the recipe and add raisins, chocolate chips, almonds, and just about anything you may want to throw in there. They are a great snack, but I set them out for breakfast to add some variety to our weekday mornings — and the kids think they are getting a sweet treat for breakfast.

Chia Pudding. Okay, to be honest, this one took some getting used to because it looks like — as my son put it — frog eggs. But chia seeds are so healthy and so darn easy to prep! Once you find what toppings or add-ins you like, this will become a staple in your household. You can add in fruit or paleo granola. I love to add cacao powder and cinnamon to mine!

Paleo Lemon Scones. I am not a great baker, but this recipe is pretty much foolproof. Easy ingredients and sweetened with honey, not sugar, these are pretty much an easy win all around.

Salmon and saladLunch & Dinner

Chicken and Avocado Soup. I made this soup every week when we first started eating paleo. It is flavorful and even my kiddos love it. Huge mama plus: It keeps well, so this is a great choice to make ahead and reheat. You can add rice or grain-free tortilla chips and really make it stretch.

Roasted Broccoli. How is broccoli dinner? Well, when three kids ask for seconds of broccoli, you know you’ve got a great thing! We make a salad or bake some sweet potatoes and make a giant batch of roasted broccoli. There are never leftovers!

Paleo Meatballs. This is the easiest meal for those busy weeknights. You can make these ahead, and they reheat well. I use all ground beef, as my son does not like pork, but the seasoning is perfecto!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken. I was super intimidated by this recipe when I first came across it, but it is simple. And, let’s face it, if its’s wrapped in bacon, people will eat it! This is perfect for when you are entertaining guests too.

eggs in purgatorySalmon Patties. No one in my family does tuna, but I know they need those good, healthy fats! Quick to make and great in a lettuce wrap, these salmon patties are healthy, really budget-friendly, and very “pack-able” for workday lunches. I suggest making a double batch. 

Shakshuka. This is my go-to when I realize I have hungry kids and need to go to the store but it’s not happening tonight (we have all been there). This is protein-packed, and my kids eat it with gluten-free toast. This is also a great brunch dish.


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