Coffee-Filled Memories :: How Coffee Shaped My Life


Growing up we always had breakfast on Sunday mornings at my grandmother’s house. Her and my grandfather lived next door, and I could always count on my whole family being there just to sit and chat, about each other’s week, while sharing cups of coffee.

It seems funny now, but when I was a kid, I would run into my grandmother’s house (making sure not to slam the door of course) and see my tia’s and tio’s sitting at the table. I would call them the “elders” since they were so full of so much information and chisme (gossip).

I used to imagine what it would be like to sit and drink coffee with them, my grandmother would walk around pouring cups of coffee to those seated at the table. The warm, inviting aroma of coffee and love. The warmth the coffee provided, was nothing compared to the loving, environment of family. 

As I grew up, I tended to take those moments of family time for granted. I would sleep late and miss those breakfasts. I was on a school trip in Colorado, with Future Business Leaders of America, and I was extremely nervous to be taking a test. I sat in the lobby looking for a sign or something to calm my nervousness. I noticed a small coffee stand and approached it with apprehension because I had never ordered coffee and was unsure of what to do or say. Bumbling though my order I sat down and just sipped the coffee. It brought back those feelings of family and provided me with a sense of peace that I needed.

Being a mom, life is busy. I look for small moments when I can just get that little jolt of caffeine. Though it may not always be warm coffee, I have learned that cold coffee is better when on the go. When I am not going through the drive thru, I head to one of my favorite coffee shops with my husband to have a moment for just us two.

Coffee is a faithful friend still. Sunday’s breakfast are smaller because of social distancing, but I have started to create my own moments with my little ones by trying various coffee shops in Fort Worth. Three of our favorites are Ampersand, Summer Moon, and Dwell Coffee & Biscuits.

To find your new favorite local coffee spot around Tarrant County and beyond, check out the “Guide to the Best Local Coffee Shops.”


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