It’s important for parents to teach their teens about the dangers of distracted driving, but it’s clear that a simple talk may not cut it. The distracted driving epidemic is a problem that will require some out-of-the-box thinking to solve.
Throw grace around like confetti, especially on yourself, but also on your child, your other children, your friends, and your spouse. Generously fling about grace for whatever you may be feeling. It is no small endeavor to transition into the next thing, and your next step may not look like that of others.
In every moment when you're tempted to burst into tears or fear about the future, remind yourself that this is what you've been working toward. Then, choose to be thankful that you've done it! You've raised a tiny little babe into the awesome adult-ish person that he or she is. Soak it all in, sit in the moment, and take mental snapshots. Put the phone down and be present. Stop and tell yourself -- "Good job! LOOK at what all we've been through to get to this point," and then take a second to imagine all the good things ahead.
Let's remember the immense pressure they are under. Let's be their biggest cheerleaders. Let's see their passion and enthusiasm and global awareness and heart for social justice. Let's hold them to a high standard and tell them in every way that we believe in them.
I wish you more than painted platitudes sold in craft stores. I wish you more than pursed-lips, hands-on-hips selfies. I wish you more than posted-on-social-media happiness. I wish you joy and gratitude. I wish you purpose and grace.
With careful consideration, my husband and I worked with the other parents to craft a prom weekend on a budget we set that afforded our kids a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We caved in some areas and drew firm lines in others. But the in the end, we did it our way and have no regrets.
We're both feeling our way through this and navigating the changes. Sometimes I have to remind myself that while it can be a struggle for me, it's also tough for her. Growing pains don't stop once you're full grown. 

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