Since moving into its current location in 2012, MMBNT’s milk dispensation increased by 80 percent and the staff quadrupled from 4 to 16 people. With every square inch of available space being used for milk storage and processing, the milk bank faces an exciting new chapter in its history: A chance to establish a new building with room to grow.
What are the realities of postpartum life? Let's list these for ya: pain, bowel and bladder issues, bleeding, breast issues, sex, and mental health.
Naturally, one of the most popular questions asked by full-term pregnant women appears to be: What are the early symptoms of labor? As a seasoned birth-giver, I have decided to make a fool-proof list. If you have any of these symptoms, or none, and you are past 37 weeks, you are guaranteed to begin active labor before your baby is born . . .
Stretch marks are surrounded by myths and misconceptions about why they form, why they are so hard to treat, and what will truly work to get rid of them. The first step to solving a problem is understanding it, so here are the facts about stretch marks.
First-time baby registries are typically filled with the essentials: bottles, breast pumps, baby monitors. All the things the attendant at Buy Buy Baby tells the expecting mom she MUST have. But, now that I’ve been around the baby registry block a few times, I’ve decided I’m tired of playing it safe. Diaper genies and boppy pillows? No thanks. From now on, I’m going rogue!
If the day comes that you decide to have a child, I want to tell you what I think you should know about bringing a new little life into this world.
You might be a home-birth, medicine-free, labor under the stars kind of super woman, or a "hook me up with that sweet, sweet epidural" powerhouse. Whether you give birth in your bed, a bath, or in the hospital, you and your body are undergoing nothing less than the extraordinary.

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