The Importance of Rest

I’ve been practicing a new habit lately. It’s a big one, requiring just as much, if not more discipline than the twice-a-week boot camp I’ve picked up, or the clean eating-tips I’m trying to incorporate into my diet. It’s...
The sun came out to play the other day, and it happened to be the first morning in awhile that I didn’t have somewhere I needed to be by 9:00 a.m. My husband had taken the kids to preschool, and...

Less is Enough

I stood in front of my closet in absolute disgust. I had nothing to wear. We were right on the cusp of summer, but in true Texas from, my winter clothes had been packed away for weeks. So I couldn’t’ complain that...
1. There's no use crying over spilt milk. Listen-whoever said this must not know how much milk costs! Because when your kid spills 8 oz of organic Milk it IS worth it to CRY. That's at the very least $1.70...

Struggles of a Working Mom

I read this blog post the other day and it really got me thinking about being a guilty working mom. So let me start with a statement: I am a mom of 2 and I work outside of the home. I...

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Guide to Private Schools in Fort Worth & Surrounding Areas

We want Fort Worth area parents to know their options when choosing a school for their kids, so we compiled this "Guide to Private Schools in Forth Worth & Surrounding Areas." You’ll find a variety of curriculum choices, pricing options, and time slots.