No, motherhood is not a fairytale. And happy endings are not always guaranteed. But if we let it, motherhood will find a way to refine us all. And then, just maybe, we can become the mom – and person – we always dreamed we could be.
I had many people who were there to support me and offer their help, but when it came to friends my age who also had kids? Well, there just weren't any. I knew that my friendships would change because I was newly married, and now I was adding a baby to the already changing dynamic. There were lessons that would come with being the first mom among my friends, but I had yet to see what they were.
Fast talking, few-to-no small children, an insane amount of pop culture references, and poignant mother-daughter relationships. This is Gilmore Girls, and what's not to love? Gilmore Girls came out in the fall of 2000, and people (okay, mostly females) fell...
Liar, Fingers Crossed

Motherhood Made Me a Liar

Ahhh, sweet motherhood. We see the commercials that portray glowing mothers handed a clean baby in a quiet hospital room. There are shows that never reveal the mountains of laundry that must come with "x" number of children. My...
Breastfeeding is considered to be a major part of infant development. Breast milk can help babies develop antibodies that fight off certain infections, and the natural milk can aid them in blossoming into strong and healthy toddlers and beyond....
I love the Olympics. Like really LOVE the Olympics. I've been counting down to the Summer Olympics since the first time I wrote "2016" down for a date. I love it so much that in 2012, the first year we...
When my son was just a few months old, there was a tornado warning in our neck of the woods. At 2:00 a.m., I heard the sirens, woke my husband, grabbed my newborn out of his crib, and we...

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Find a brewery in your part of Tarrant County that serves non-alcoholic beverages, handcrafted mocktails, and every Texan's favorite sparkling water, Topo Chico.