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Life at home is a really big deal for every mom. We wear a lot of hats, and sometimes we just need to hear an “atta girl” and find some inspiration to keep us going! The category of Home + Living features articles about every part of life at home — cleaning, organizing, home decor, etc. — as well healthy menu plans and recipes, parenting and health tips, must-have budget hacks, and the best go to resources in and around Fort Worth for living your BEST life! 

Fort Worth Moms publishes original, personal stories and advice from local moms, as well as relevant and fun information for those of us in the trenches of parenthood. 

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Just when we think we have it under control, those aisles at the grocery store and Target turn bright red and pink, and a slight panic sets in. “Oh dear Lord, what are we going to do for Valentine’s Day?” We rack our brains for a cute, fun, and unique date night idea, only to realize in this post-Christmas, pre-tax season, we should be a bit more mindful with our money.
If you're hunting for an easier and affordable energy option, let us introduce you to a new pairing from Reliant and . . . wait for it . . . Google! This year Reliant announced its partnership with Google; this duo joined forces to bring the latest technology to its customers.
Kazzam by Party City

Party Planning Q&A

When the Fort Worth Moms Blog finds something that makes mom life easier, we feel we MUST share it with our readers. Planning parties -- whether for a birthday or a cookout or a baby shower or the real-deal adults only dinner party -- comes with heaps of details to juggle. The parties often celebrate joyous occasion but are actually not very joyous to organize. Kazzam is the solution to this problem! It's a one-stop website where you can scroll through your options for catering, entertainment, decor, etc . . . and know the local vendors are already vetted by Kazzam. Payment and organization -- all in one place!
This kitchen appliance has completely revolutionized the way I cook, and has radically diminished the stress of the after school, feed-the-children-dinner, do-all-the-homework, get-kids-to-sports-practice-madness! In this edition of "Fear Not, The Instant Pot" we will give you a few ideas on how to make your dinner preparation even easier by doing a little prep work in advance.
Unless you have been living under a rock off of social media, you have heard rumors of this magical creation called the Instant Pot. If you haven't seen this appliance work its magic, you probably think the women touting its...
As grown ups, we can do a little better here. We can teach our children to be kind, to make other people a priority. We can teach our children about why we have birthday parties -- not to entertain each other or to impress each other -- but to celebrate and honor one another. We can use birthday parties to teach about hospitality and gratitude.
Boys are not exempt from household chores! In fact, I have learned they like to be helpful in the home when given the opportunity. The key is consistency in having a plan, providing them with explicit instruction, and modeling how you want things done first.

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